DirectX 11 Grass Shader

The easy way to high end graphics in Unity

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Utilize the power of the GPU

A intuitive and easy way to AAA graphics.

High performance

Scaleable from low to high end, by generating blades of grass directly on the GPU!

Easy to use

With a detailed documentation and easy to use controls great results are a matter of minutes.

Dynamic reaction

Reacts dynamically to characters, vehicles, or any other game event.

Highly customizable

From underwater scenes to alien landscapes. Useable for every art style.

Feature overview

Simple render mode

This untextured render mode is blazingly fast, while still retaining the great look of DirectX 11 graphics. Perfect for wide plains or very dense areas of grass.

Multi-texture mode

Ideal for scenes where you wish to reach the boundaries of current hardware. With the support of up to 4 textures per instance, you can easily achieve stunning results.

Dynamic reactions

Make your scene truly feel alive. Regardless if you want to drive a tank or use a flamethrower to destroy the beautiful landscape you just created, having a environment that reacts to the player is just satisfying. The shader not only includes scripts that can get you immediately started, but also a basis for creating your own effects, with the full source code included.

From underwater scenes...

Create what you wish to create. The Shader has many parameters that make it very flexible, without adding unnecessary complexity.

... to alien landscapes.

The Shader uses the Unity PBR shading, so for most use-cases it works out of the box and even adapts to the lighting of the scene. If you ever need more, you can edit it almost like a surface shader and don't have to worry about its inner workings.