High Performance

Scalable from low to high end, by generating blades of grass directly on the GPU!

Easy to use

With a detailed documentation and easy to use controls great results are a matter of minutes.

Dynamic reaction

Reacts dynamically to characters, vehicles, or any other game event.

Highly customizable

From underwater scenes to alien landscapes. Useable for every art style.

  • The DirectX 11 Grass Shader has a variety of features, making it possible to customize it for any art style.

    • Simple, single colored grass for stylized art styles.
    • Multiple grass types, mix different types of grass and flowers and define exactly where you want them.
    • Use texture atlases, one for each grass type, for realistic and diverse landscapes.
    • Choose between a variety of lighting and rendering modes, to find the perfect fit for your game.
    • Input a single mesh, the rest happens directly on the GPU.
    • Works on Unity terrain, or any custom mesh!
  • Use the Grass Painter to directly paint grass densities. Simply brush over your mesh to create the landscape you imagined.

    • Edit each grass type individually
    • Simple but expressive brush settings
    • Immediately see the result
    • Supports small gardens and huge areas
  • The DirectX 11 Grass Shader uses an easily customizable, blazing fast interaction system.

    • Extremely fast, almost no CPU overhead, by utilizing render textures.
    • Easy to use and highly customizable.
    • Use normal maps or special meshes to define how the grass should be displaced.
    • Create wind zones and weather effects.
    • Persistent trails, with little overhead.
    • Remove or burn away areas of grass, be it for explosions or new buildings.
    • Automatically affect all grass objects in the scene.

Efficient and beautiful high-end scenes

Use the DirectX 11 Grass Shader to create the natural landscapes you have always dreamed of. With its variety of features you can easily customize it for any use case you could imagine. With the increasing number of additional tools this becomes more efficient with each update!

With full tooltips and a detailed documentation, the shader is intuitive and easy to use. We are always trying to improve features and usability through ongoing updates. And when you are missing something, simply contact us at our support email address and we'll try to help you out!